My clock strikes the wrong time?

Here's a helpful video for solving that problem.  Let's say your clock shows 3 o'clock but it chimes 11 o'clock.  Here's what you do.

How is my clock Serviced?

Depending on the repair needed to your timepiece a full service is performed as seen in this video.  All repairs are covered by a 2 year warranty.

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My clock is not running right, what if I spray WD-40 in it?

Oh please don't do that.  I have seen clocks come into the shop that is drenched in WD-40 or sliderite or any other lube that people keep handy around the house.  This stuff is really good for chairs, hinges or stuck bolts but is very damaging to clocks and it won't work.  Also, this makes servicing the movement much more difficult due to having to clean parts more than once and ruining the cleaning solution used during the time on the bench. 

Can a clock be overwound?  It's not running.

You really will have to try hard to overwind a clock.  And if that much force is used, your going to bend or damage gears or other parts inside the movement.  The short answer is "no".  If you wind your clock and it will not run almost always there is another issue.  The clock has dirty pivots or dried oil which will rob the pendulum of power from the mainspring thus causing the clock not to run.  This is were a full service is needed.  A clock should be oiled every 5 - 10 years and a full service every 10 - 15 years.

Antique Clock Repair in Houston

Before buying a spring-driven clock, try to wind it to see if it has a broken mainspring.  If the key turns and you hear the mainspring slip, the spring may have broken and will need to be repaired or replaced.  Mainspring repair (with a full service) starts at around $30 per spring and can go up in price depending on the style and make of the movement.  Make sure all the parts for the clock are there.  The pendulum, hands, weights if used.  Don't be afraid to ask questions.  Your buying a piece of history. 

Consider the age of the clock before buying.  The older the clock, the more desirable and collectible it is.  However, clocks made before about 1870 can be more difficult to repair due to the technology used in manufacture.  Some of the finest timepieces I have seen were made between 1910 - 1950 with even newer clocks being made with high quality parts.  We also make some of our clock repair parts and are well know for our antique clock repair in Houston and throughout Texas and the World.

How do I start and set up my 400-day clock?

These clocks can be a little tricky.  There so sensitive that just moving the pendulum is not going to make them tic.  Here's how to set up, level, regulate and start your 400-day anniversary clock.

How do I wind and set my clock?

Here's a helpful video on how to set and wind and regulate the time on your antique clock.  I show you how to wind, set the time and regulate the timekeeping on a pendulum clock.